Why I volunteer taking photos at our Blue Candlelight Concerts

by Jim Pancero

Photography has been something that has always added a level of excitement and joy to my life. Taking photos is especially joyful when I can donate my photography to benefit a worthy cause. This is my I have spent over 20 years as a volunteer staff photographer for Special Olympics (www.special.pancero.com) and also why I’m so committed to helping take photos for our Blue Candlelight concerts and performers.

I have been attending symphony performances for over 40 years. The classical musicians who perform at Blue Candlelight have been some of the best I have ever experienced. The skills and complexity of their music continues to amaze me. Taking photos to help promote Blue Candlelight (and to support our musicians with professional photos for their own marketing) just adds an additional level of enjoyment and involvement for me.

The intimacy of the small group setting for our Blue Candlelight concerts is so exciting…it’s like these world-class musicians are preforming just for me. I so enjoy getting to meet and talk with them afterwards to hear their stories. I have also been impressed with the eclectic range of fellow attendees and getting to know so many as friends this last year.

I now use one of the latest professional Canon cameras (Canon R7) and a special low-light zoom lens (Canon 70 to 200 2.8f lens). I take my performance photos standing in the hallway behind all of my fellow attendees so as (hopefully) not to distract anyone from the amazing performances. This camera has a silent mode setting so you don’t even hear the click when a photo is taken. I also utilize the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) post-production photo editing software to improve the images even more.

While in real life I work with corporations conducting sales & sales leadership consulting and training (www.pancero.com), photography is my passion and avocation. I, like so many involved in Blue Candlelight, help by donating my services.

I hope you continue to join me by attending next season’s concerts and financially supporting this truly unique and intimate musical experience.