The IBLA Grand Prize Music Competition

The IBLA Grand Prize Music Competition takes place in the magnificent baroque quarters of UNESCO World Heritage site Ragusa Ibla. It is located in the southernmost tip of Sicily on the Monti Iblei hills facing the Mediterranean sea. One of the most fascinating towns in Sicily, Ragusa has caused many a visitor’s jaw to drop as they first set eyes on Ibla, the historical part of the town. Essentially Baroque, the Ragusa you will see today dates almost entirely from 1693 following a major earthquake. The surrounding area features other amazing baroque towns and miles and miles of sandy beaches.

The IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition is an annual music competition open to merely all instruments, vocalists and composers with a focus on classical music. There is no age limit, nor are there specific repertoire demands except from time limits. Musicians are encouraged to present the music they love the most and that represents their music vision. The competition aims to nourish the career of the winners by offering a large international performance experience. This competition is different from most other music competitions in a way that there are no rounds or prizes such as a first and second prize, and competitors are judged against the international standard of high quality performances rather than competing against each other. From that perspective, there could be one, or many winners, depending on the performance quality level expressed by contestants. Participants play their program (or parts of it) multiple times, and whenever possible in multiple venues, from churches to theaters, villas and historical palaces.Every performance is being judged and counts for the final vote. The best performers will be invited for concerts abroad in such venues as Carnegie Hall, which is to be considered as the Top Prize. Besides the professional experience, the IBLA Grand Prize offers an unique opportunity to meet and interact with colleague musicians from all over the world in the awe inspiring environment of a the beautiful Italian baroque village of Ragusa Ibla.

IBLA GRAND PRIZE – The Magic Play – A Music Journey